STARTED: 19-11-19
ADDED: 06-02-20
Payout Status: Waiting

Affiliate Program: 7%-3%

Refback (RCB): Make the Request

Investment Plans: 4.333% DLY for 30 days

Short Review: OneAdPack is a Paid to Click Advertising site. Investors can but AD packs to receive a passive income or take part in the affiliate program. The maximum investment is $300.

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13:16:12 28-12-19 Cryptofov
If you see that you can earn here and decide to check it out, you can REGISTER HERE

14:38:54 28-12-19 Cryptofov
Just deposited more check out my stats now. Active adpacks are 250(250$)

16:43:17 31-12-19 Cryptofov
Another successful pay out(Payeer) from OneAdPack If you see that you can earn here and decide to check it out, you can REGISTER HERE

19:57:25 04-01-20 Cryptofov
5th payment If you see that you can earn here and decide to check it out, you can REGISTER HERE

17:27:04 07-01-20 Cryptofov

14:02:19 19-01-20 Cryptofov
My apologies for missing few updates, I did not have time to post all withdrawals Here are withdrawals since 6th of January 2020 If you see that you can earn here and decide to check it out, you can REGISTER HERE I certainly sew opportunity and will use it to gaing extra from it.

15:02:53 02-02-20 Cryptofov
Check out more proofs, At this moment I have withdraw more than 250$ in month and half and still have active 270$ in this awesome project. My current stats:

17:30:00 20-02-20 Cryptofov
Preparing bigger payout :) stay tuned :)

05:48:53 28-03-20 Cryptofov
Message from Admin (check out attached screenshots) March 18th, 2020 All the mods have been done and we were ready to re-start with them in place but in the last week something never seen before has happened.. WORLDWIDE STATUS: LOCKDOWN The Worldwide lockdown and recession due to the COVID-19 outbreak created an unprecedented situation never seen before in the whole World. Currently the whole world is in a standby mode that created fear in every single market, and bringing every Country into unbelievable before and incredibly unique conditions. Neither Crypto nor our Industry is different. IN 15 DAYS THE WORLD CHANGED Our own Industry has changed too. BTC plummed 60% while Coinbase locked our account, making impossible for us to use their exchange. Part of our capital was invested in online Investment sites. Many of them are still working fine and producing (smaller) returns to us. Returns that we used (together with our own sites) to pay you. A few of them, however have now either disappeared or locked withdrawals on their sites. You may know that we own a big advertising network that usually produce a decent influx of money and we are currently facing days with ZERO purchases. Part of our Network income was also dedicated to pay profits on our various sites such as this very one. All these VALID reasons constrain us to temporarily suspend all our revenue sites and halt earnings and withdrawals until this global situation resumes. We have always been transparent and honest with our members and a demonstration is that since the first problem on the site, we have not profited and locked not only withdrawals, but also purchases on OneAdPack. We want you to know how hard this decision has been, but it currently seems to the the only possible road to take. We do not know how long we will need to keep the site locked, we don't know if this will take 1 month, 2 or more, but we want to tell all our members that when we will reopen we will take care of everyone as we have always done, starting from the members who are currently in the worst situation. We will keep you posted Stay Tuned! Mark

05:51:13 28-03-20 Cryptofov
This does not mean it is a scam just temporary lock down(it does not accepts deposits nor payouts) SO we can place this project under waiting if you will. This is admin never scammed before so probably will not this time either. All of his project are under lock down except Road21BTC this project started to wotk few days ago. That is all